108 Things to Do in 1008 Days

This year has been pretty rough. To help the next 2.75 years be awesome, I’ve created a list of 107 things I would like to accomplish. Things are listed in no particular order and are broken down by category.

This is my journey towards personal happiness.


Host a game night + dinner party.

Pay it forward.

Save more.

Go kayaking.

Take vitamins daily.

Start pilates again or some kind of fitness class and make sure to stick to its schedule.

Grow herbs.

Make a terranium.

Collaborate with a brand that I love.

Contribute to a magazine.

Go antiquing.

Read and write more.

Reduce student loan debt.


Keep a one-sentence journal.

Buy a painting that I truly love.

Try out new recipes.

Start a new job that I love and am excited about.

Treat myself to a classic purse that I will cherish.

Go ice skating.

Re-read classics.

Discover 10 new restaurants.

Visit a good museum.

See a musical.

Go to new exhibitions in the city.

Go to a basketball game.

Go to author book signings/readings.

Save a little bit towards something special (i.e. 30th birthday, house, etc)

Buy personalized stationary.

Actively pursue moving into a house (bought or rented).

De-clutter filing cabinet.

Streamline wardrobe.

Go to a proper brunch with mimosas.

Drink more water.

Have a spa day.

Buy coffee table books that I love and will have for a long time.

Make a cookbook full of family recipes.

Bake more.

Have a picnic.

Get hair done at least once a month.

Successfully roast a chicken.

Find out my blood type.

Buy flowers every week.

Go paint-balling.

Find a way to control my allergies/sinuses.

Go rock-climbing.

Clean up internet bookmarks.

Start up the book club again.

Stop drinking soft drinks again.

Finish bar cart.

Buy new dining chairs.

Do a monthly dinner night at apartment with Dad.

Buy a new pair of sunglasses.

Buy a new pair of black boots.

Donate to charity.

Do something really fun for my 28th birthday.

Become good friends with Steph and Jackie.

Send a care package to someone in the military.

Juice daily.

Do 10 random acts of kindness.

Catch up with friends on a more regular basis.

Do something special for Nana and Abu.

Make a playlist with 101 favorite songs.

Go to a TED Talk.

Stop eating junk food.

Go to afternoon tea somewhere fancy.

Invest in pretty new underthings.

Watch 10 documentaries.

Play Chinese checkers with my family.

Interview 5 new authors.


Take a wine tasting/beer making class.

Teach S how to drive manual.

Surprise S with something special.

Take a dance class with S.

Learn to make some of Kate’s recipes for S. Make a special dinner.

Visit a vineyard.

Go to the zoo.

Go to the seaquarium.

Go to Jungle Island.

Visit the Kampong.

Have a glass of wine while watching the sunset somewhere beautiful with S.

Do things from the 101 Fun Attractions in Miami list.

Make our anniversary memorable.


Take a last minute flight on the same day of purchase.

Go to Universal Diagon Alley!

Go on a staycation and be a tourist in my city for the day.

Go snowboarding for more than two days.

Visit D.C.

Go on a spontaneous day trip.

Go to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

Return to Europe (hopefully with S).


Learn to make pasta from scratch.

Take an interior design class.

Learn calligraphy.

Take an art class again.

Take a sailing class.

Learn to ride a bike.

Learn a craft.

Brush up on my french.

Learn the art of canning.

Learn to make Julia Child’s recipes (see book).

Learn CS properly (i.e. Photoshop for Dummies, etc.)

Take more cooking classes.

Learn to play poker.

Learn to golf or at least attempt it.

Learn to make Dad’s sangria and lasagna (for recipe book).

Learn to sew and knit.

Learn to play chess.